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Vaccination UK

The leading provider of in-school vaccinations came to CyberLab for help in securing their systems while undergoing a digital transformation.

Vaccination UK Success Story

The Client

Vaccination UK pioneer immunisation services in England, working together with the NHS and schools to improve the health and wellbeing of our children. The organisation partnered with Chess and CyberLab to entirely transform their services. 

From adoption and change management to cyber security and device refreshes, Vaccination UK continuously improves the services they deliver to over a million children. They are recognised as a progressive, agile provider, continually striving to achieve the safest, most efficient service possible. 

The Challenge

Vaccination UK’s processes weren’t computerised and involved hundreds of thousands of pieces of printed paper. These documents would be delivered to schools, distributed for consent by staff, filled in by nurses at the immunisation appointment, and returned to Vaccination UK, whose people had to upload the documents to their system and sync with NHS data to update GPs.  

The process was time-consuming, inefficient, insecure, and certainly not eco-friendly. 

The Solution

Moving to an e-consent platform automated the entire journey, saving on labour, travel, and printing costs and instead allowing Vaccination UK to spend the money on improving their service. The digitalisation of the project also enhanced reporting – it provided Vaccination UK with complete visibility from start to finish, helping them demonstrate the immunisation delivery according to contracts and agreements. 

Chess and CyberLab were pivotal in helping Vaccination UK take a step forward into modernising our services, streamline our reporting and workforce, and assisting in rolling out a huge step change in how we deliver our services.” 

James Hart, Head of Operations for NHS Services, Vaccination UK  

The Outcome

Chess and CyberLab have been working with Vaccination UK since 2010 to deliver everything from cyber security services to Microsoft licencing and managed support, adoption, and change management. 

Working with the NHS has strict security requirements. Members of the supply chain need to comply with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit to ensure patient data is secure.  

CyberLab’s team of expert penetration testers assess Vaccination UK’s security posture on regular basis, advising on best practices and how to fix vulnerabilities.

Our engineering team helped to set up new offices, the infrastructure, and the network, including firewall and endpoint security from Sophos.  

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