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MDL Marinas

Assisting Europe’s largest marina operator to implement cloud security while modernising and optimising their IT estate 

MDL Marinas Success Story

The Client

MDL Marinas is Europe’s largest marina development and operations company, with nineteen locations across the UK, as well as a presence in Italy, Spain, and France. 

They have been a CyberLab customer since 2013 and have recently gone through a digital transformation, modernising and optimising their IT estate. 

The Business Challenge

MDL Marinas were going through a digital transformation and had already migrated their legacy IT systems to next-generation solutions. The Head of IT needed to ensure that they were making the most of these investments and that they had been correctly implemented. 

An external specialist would be able to provide an impartial review and advise on optimisation. 

The Solution

Despite being a large organisation, MDL Marinas have a small, knowledgeable IT team. Outsourcing certain services to trusted partners would allow them to focus on more significant projects than day-to-day maintenance and on enabling the company’s growth, while also ensuring that the service they deliver is at a high standard. 

After approaching CyberLab, MDL Marinas were soon advised on the best route for their organisation based on the challenges they were facing. CyberLab’s team of experts were given a short deadline as the Head of IT suspected that gaps in their system could have opened during the business transformation. 

The Cloud Security Assessment and Delivery for Microsoft 365 were a perfect fit for MDL Marinas’ requirements. 

The staged approach is designed to help organisations make the most out of the intelligent built-in Microsoft security features which are often not used to their full potential. The Security Assessment helps to implement best security practices on a Microsoft 365 tenancy, while the Security Features Delivery, the second stage of the security journey, helps to roll out enhanced security features on a Microsoft 365 tenancy. 

“All of the people I met were very, very good and were clearly experts in the subject. They gave me the confidence that they would do a thorough job and that the outcome of that would be as good as it could be. Everything that we’ve worked with CyberLab on – I’ve been very satisfied,” 

Keith, Head of IT, MDL Marinas 

The Outcome

Working together with CyberLab, MDL Marinas were able to confirm that multifactor authentication was set up across the organisation, and that they were using the correct Microsoft licences at every level of the company. 

Implementing conditional access which allowed for policy creation based on the company personas and the data they have in Microsoft 365 (who can access what, from where, and on what device). 

“We are confident that our users cannot be compromised from outside the organisation – that was the biggest concern we had at the beginning of our path. It gives myself, as the Head of IT, and our board the peace of mind that our accounts are secure,” said Keith. 

As part of the service, we gave MDL Marinas access to a bespoke online learning portal designed to support tenancy administrators and end-users in multifactor authentication adoption. 

Keith explained, “as a business with diverse users, we had a training element to ensure that our people are aware and educated about what we are doing and why we are doing it.” 

Through the licence review, MDL Marinas expect significant savings as it helps them to rationalise and segment their licencing strategy. Furthermore, by working with CyberLab and implementing industry best practices, Keith said, “MDL Marinas can use this work as a reputational piece which will assure our customers and our partners that we are a secure, trustworthy business.” 

MDL Marinas trusted CyberLab as their technology partner to provide regular penetration testing, their SIEM solution and their email security solution. 

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