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Housing Association

We helped this housing association to implement Sophos Managed Detection & Response (MDR) just in time for Christmas, ensuring their security around the clock, even when nobody is in the office.

Housing Association Success Story

The Client

A long-term customer, this Housing Association chose CyberLab as their supplier for all Sophos and cyber security services.  

The Challenge

As an existing CyberLab client, this Housing Association came to us looking to add to a range of Sophos products they have already implemented. Having already dealt with CyberLab for a number of years, we were their first choice to help with further protecting their infrastructure. 

With a small in-house IT team, the core business challenge was to ensure 24/7 protection, especially after business hours, over weekends, or bank holidays. Internally, the choice was between heavy recruitment to expand their current team coverage to 24/7, or to find a partner and solution who could deliver that managed response regardless of the time of day, or day of the week. 

The Solution

The Housing Association were able to discuss these challenges in more detail with Sophos and our team presented a series of demos to ensure they got the required solution. Once diverse options had been compared and commercials discussed, they decided Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) was the right solution for their specific needs. 

With Christmas, and an associated business shutdown, fast approaching the solution had to be in place quickly for peace of mind over this period. Sophos were able to implement the solution on the same day the purchase order was signed, providing immediate protection against any looming threats. 

“Having Sophos MDR gives us peace of mind 24/7. Not only that, but in a recent audit which was to be undertaken on our endpoints and configuration, mentioning that we have MTR in place led them to tick us off and say there was nothing more they would need to look at. This has saved time for our team internally and demonstrates the quality of the product in the marketplace.” 

Head of IT, Housing Association 

The Outcome

Sophos MDR provided more information than was initially required by the housing Association. Although MDR has since flagged up some false-positives, this allows the Housing Association to see the worth of the product and that it is effective in protecting them and giving them peace of mind. The Housing Association have since leaned on the MDR service to ask questions and add additional expertise into their team for any support required. 

CyberLab provides a 360° service to consult, deliver, adopt, and support. With this approach, we were able to ensure Sophos MDR was a suitable solution for this Housing Association’s organisational needs, and deliver the solution in full, whilst working in partnership with their in-house team and providing continued support. 

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