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Security Simplified with Forcepoint

Simplified protection against complex cyber threats

Uncover how Forcepoint redefines security practices with their streamlined solutions. In this blog, we explore the key takeaways from the session, showcasing how Forcepoint simplifies and reinforces cybersecurity measures to protect your vital assets in the dynamic digital landscape of today.

    • Simplifying Security with Forcepoint 4.1

    • Forcepoint’s Security Offering

    • The Role of CyberLab

As part of Securetour 2023, Forcepoint and CyberLab discussed the importance of simplifying security practices and the role of Forcepoint in achieving this objective. The session featured Tim Headicar, Head of Technical Services at CyberLab, and Stuart Wilson, Manager of Sales Engineering for UK&I at Forcepoint. In this blog post, we will delve into the key insights from the session and explore how CyberLab and Forcepoint can assist organisations in their security endeavours. 

Simplifying Security with Forcepoint 4.1

The session commenced with Stuart Wilson outlining the need for a simplified approach to security, given the increasing complexity and the staggering number of open security positions. Forcepoint’s mission is to alleviate the burden by enabling organisations to embrace a zero-trust security approach. 

Wilson highlighted Forcepoint 4.1 as the solution that empowers organisations to manage policies for web applications, cloud applications, and private applications in a unified manner. By leveraging 4.1, organisations can push enforcement down to the edge, allowing intelligent decisions to be made locally. This approach not only enhances user experience but also ensures faster and uniform data access across wired and wireless devices. 

Forcepoint’s Security Offering

Wilson emphasised that Forcepoint’s security solution extends beyond 4.1. He discussed the integration of Secure SD-WAN and next-gen firewall solutions, which work harmoniously with the 4.1 platform. This comprehensive offering provides organisations with a robust and holistic security framework. 

Another notable aspect of Forcepoint’s portfolio is its renowned Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology. This technology, deeply embedded within the 4.1 platform, allows for consistent and enterprise-grade DLP capabilities. Forcepoint’s commitment to integrating DLP ensures that data remains secure across web connections, cloud applications, and private applications.

The Role of CyberLab 

During the session, Tim Headicar from CyberLab emphasised his role in helping businesses navigate the complexities of cybersecurity. As a trusted partner, CyberLab offers expert guidance and consultation to organisations seeking to strengthen their security posture. By partnering with Forcepoint, CyberLab can provide tailored solutions that align with each organisation’s unique needs, ensuring robust protection and peace of mind. 


In an era of increasing cybersecurity complexities, the session on “Security Simplified with Forcepoint” at Securetour 2023 served as a reminder of the importance of simplifying security practices. Forcepoint’s 4.1 platform, along with its comprehensive offering of solutions, presents organisations with the opportunity to embrace a zero-trust security approach and achieve a unified and simplified security architecture. 

With the expertise of CyberLab and the robust capabilities of Forcepoint, organisations can confidently navigate the evolving threat landscape. By leveraging tailored solutions, businesses can enhance their security posture and safeguard their digital assets. 

Securetour 2023 provided an ideal platform for industry professionals to gain insights, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on building a more secure future. The session on “Security Simplified with Forcepoint” underscored the significance of simplified security practices and the role of innovative solutions in achieving this goal. 

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