Home Working: Cyber Security Perspecitve

Over the last year many companies have migrated to having their staff working from home and accessing key company information remotely. While this has definitely helped companies to continue day-to-day operations during the pandemic, this has also left staff working from home and companies more vulnerable to cyber threats.

One very prominent example is staff receiving emails that are from cyber-criminals that impersonate other employees in the company such as the service desk or IT staff, requesting that they reset their passwords. However, the request simply is a means for tricking the victims into disclosing their password, then allowing the criminal to login and access potentially confidential information.

Having staff working from home during lockdowns means that it makes it more challenging to keep a watchful eye on everyone and the day-to-day operations. However, while this does make it more challenging, taking a methodical approach and ensuring that adequate measures are in place to both protect workers and prevent incidents from occurring, means that working from home can be both secure and efficient.

By deploying the correct services, systems and policies including setting up Virtual Private Networks (VPN), allowing workers to securely access company information from home, to ensuring that home worker devices are consistently maintained, updated, and monitored by using some form of endpoint monitoring software. It keeps companies in control and most importantly, protects them and their workforce from the threats that are posed in the cyber landscape today.

CyberLab Advice:

Ensure that your home workers are adequately monitored and protected using the following:

  • VPNs are set-up to enable workers to securely access company data remotely
  • Endpoint protection and monitoring is deployed to allow for easy tracking of user device activity and issues
  • Company-issued devices are properly configured so workers are not able to access administrative accounts or settings

Detect. Protect. Support.

Secure Hybrid Work Solutions

With over 70% of professionals working at home at least once a week, hackers and other bad actors are quickly adapting to the working environment and finding new ways to target your weak points.

We design our hybrid work security solutions with flexibility in mind to help mitigate these emerging threats and future-proof your business for whatever might be round the corner.

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