Why & How Your Business Should Monitor the Dark Web

What is the Dark Web?

The internet has three main parts to it: surface web, deep web, and dark web. 

The surface web makes up about 10% of the whole internet, and includes anything that anyone can find by entering terms in a search engine like Google.

The deep web is broadly defined as anything that is not indexed by traditional search engines and refers to information that is stored online but protected by a password, such as bank accounts / subscription services etc.

The dark web cannot be accessed by regular internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and is also not indexed by search engines making it more difficult to navigate. According to Internet Live Stats around 75% of websites are inactive. While the dark web is home to many legitimate companies, due to the ability to browse it anonymously, it also contains message boards, online marketplaces for drugs, as well as stolen financial and private data. Transactions within this economy are often made with crytocurrency and are completely anonymous.

Is my business a target?

Absolutely. It is not just big businesses that are targets, these are just the incidents we hear about on the news. Smaller businesses typically have far smaller IT budgets so pose an easier target.


During 2017 companies took an average of 206 days to detect a data breach

 (Ponemon 2017 Data Breach Study)



What does Dark Web Monitoring do?

Dark web monitoring allows you to monitor any instances of your organisation data on the dark web and receive proactive notifications if anyone information from your domain is found. The platform engine monitors hidden chat roms, private websites, P2P networks, IRC channels and thousands of botnets.

Dark Web Monitor is your silent guardian, a solution that continually scans the Dark Web for threats and provides real-time alerts to help you protect your business.

Navigating the Shadows with Dark Web Monitor

At CyberLab, we believe in empowering businesses to work securely, anywhere, anytime. A critical component of this is our innovative solution, Dark Web Monitor. It is designed to help businesses mitigate the risks associated with the Dark Web and prevent potential data breaches.

How Does Dark Web Monitor Work?

The Dark Web Monitor service continually scans Dark Web databases, searching for your company’s domain-specific data. It uses intelligent algorithms to sift through the vast amounts of information, accurately identifying any instances of your company’s data. When such a potential threat is detected, it provides real-time alerts, enabling you to take immediate action to protect your business.

Proactive Protection is the Best Defence

Cyber threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate, making it increasingly challenging for businesses to keep pace. Reactive measures are no longer enough. Proactive monitoring of the Dark Web offers your business a critical advantage, allowing you to take steps to mitigate threats before they materialise into actual breaches.

An Investment in Prevention

Investing in Dark Web monitoring is an investment in prevention. It can help save you and your business from the devastating impacts of data breaches, which can often far exceed the cost of a proactive solution like the Dark Web Monitor.

What are the risks?

If your information is stolen by an identity thief, many times, it is sold on the dark web. After a breach, identity thieves often use dark web sites to buy and sell consumer data, such as bank and credit card account numbers, and other personally identifying information.

Criminals then buy this data and use it for fraudulent online transactions and to launch cyber attacks. Data breaches are not likely to stop any time soon but monitoring the dark web allows you to a proactively monitor this hidden web and if your data is found respond quickly to reduce the risk of your data being used against you.

How does CyberLab provide Dark Web Monitoring?

CyberLab offer a dark web monitoring service as a part of Cyberlab Control which proactively scans thousands of hidden locations hunting for your organisation data.

If found you will receive instant alerts allowing your organisation to respond quickly.

You will receive monthly reports providing you with a business overview of any risks associated with the your organisation’s data. Dark web monitoring can have a real business impact; it can protect you from compliance issues, financial implications, and reputational impacts that can occur if your assets are not properly monitored.

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