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Logpoint enhances your data security with comprehensive log management and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, enabling your organisation to proactively detect and respond to security threats and ensure that your sensitive data is protected from unauthorised access.

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“To Logpoint, partnerships are key. Providing a trusted pair of hands to advise and implement is central to the Logpoint philosophy to ensure all customers not only have a solution which is fit for purpose, but also one which they can leverage and adapt as their organisational needs develop. CyberLab have been a key partner of Logpoint’s for many years, against which we have created a blueprint of what a true client centric engagement should encompass.”
Innes Muir
Regional Sales Manager at Logpoint

Improve Detection Time with CyberLab and Logpoint

Logpoint provides converged SIEM solutions to organisations of all sizes, helping you to accelerate threat detection and response with one end-to-end platform.

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Effective Incident Response

Enhanced data analysis enhances threat detection, reduces response times, and minimises the impact of potential breaches.

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Ensure Compliance

Comprehensive log management ensures you are always ready to produce audit-ready reports to demonstrate compliance and avoid penalties.

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Identify inefficiencies, optimise IT resources, and troubleshoot issues more efficiently with Logpoint’s log analysis and correlation features.

Logpoint Converged SIEM

Logpoint Converged SIEM proves that cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complex. 

Logpoint has combined all the tools you need into one comprehensive tech stack so you can accelerate threat detection and response.

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Watch as CyberLab Security Engineer Ben Mulroy gives a high-level overview of SIEM, the current landscape, and demonstration of Logpoint’s SIEM solution. 

He shows how to identify the useful information from a sea of data, and how to turn it into actionable insight.

Detect. Protect. Support.

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Take the first step to improving your cyber security posture, looking at ten key areas you and your organisation should focus on, backed by NCSC guidance.

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We are 100% vendor agnostic and will only ever recommend the best products and solutions for your requirements.

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