Sophos XG Series Hardware: End of Life Announcement

Recently, Sophos have announced the XG Series Hardware is going end-of-life, and this also applies to SG Series appliances running Sophos Firewall OS.

Your Upgrade Options

Upgrade your firewall appliance and bolster your defences against active threats. Get even more value from your investment in Sophos Firewall with a new XGS Series hardware appliance. Sophos XGS hardware offers increased performance with the dual processor architecture and dedicated hardware FastPath, plus many other technology improvements.

Why Upgrade?

  • No new software to learn.
  • Limited downtime – restore from XG backup.
  • Continually improving performance.
  • More flexible connectivity options including 5G support on some Desktop models.

Take your protection to the next level with Sophos MDR. Adding MDR allows you to extend the automation and lateral movement prevention to trigger responses based upon intel from Sophos threat analysts. All without changing your firewall rules, giving you unmatched, real-time response to active threats.

Upgrade Your Service with CyberLab

“CyberLab has been dedicated to securing organisations of all sizes across the UK, including public sector bodies, for over 20 years through its partnership with Sophos. The CyberLab team of experts have the latest accreditations and vast experience in transitioning clients to advanced cyber products. As the Sophos XG Series Hardware nears its end-of-life, we highly recommend CyberLab as your partner of choice for a smooth transition to a new solution.”
Stuart Borgman, Sophos VP Sales Engineering

Not Ready to Upgrade? Explore Your Renewal Options

  • Extending your XG Series subscriptions up to the EOL date gives you the maximum use out of your XG appliance investment.
  • The renewal date for one-year subscriptions was March 31, 2024, but shorter terms are still available for purchase. Please note, subscription terms can be extended beyond the EOL date.

If you currently own a subscription that extends past the EOL date, please contact CyberLab to discuss your options.

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