NCSC Launces New Cyber Advisor Scheme

Having met the NCSC’s standards, Cyberlab are delighted to be an assured Cyber Advisor provider. 

The Cyber Advisor scheme is operated on behalf of the NCSC by their partner organisation, IASME.


The scheme 

Despite a growing emphasis on cyber security, many organisations often find it hard to choose the right help to meet current guidance. The Cyber Advisor scheme aims to ensure the understanding and application of trusted cyber security advice providing small and medium sized organisations with reliable and cost effective cyber security advice and practical support.  

The focus of that advice and support will be on the implementation of the technical controls set out in Cyber Essentials. This approach will improve the cyber security of small organisations and reduce the likelihood of the most commonly experienced cyber attacks. 


As an approved Cyber Advisor, Cyberlab can help organisations by: 

  • Conducting Cyber Essentials gap analysis to assess the organisations internet-facing IT, identifying where it fails to meet the Cyber Essentials controls 
  • Developing reports on the status of the organisation’s Cyber Essentials controls i.e. detailing the requirements that are met and those that are not; describing why controls are not met and the risks the organisation is exposed to; recommended actions to take 
  • Working with the business to agree remediation activities 
  • Planning remediation activities that align to the risk and business priorities 
  • Implementing remediation activities – or guide technical teams to do so – sympathetically to operational activities 
  • Developing and presenting post-engagement reports summarising the engagement and detailing any remediation work completed, pointing out any residual risk with recommendations for reducing those risks 

For more information, please contact us today. 

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