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Compliant. Certified. Are you secure?

Since GDPR came into force the stakes have never been higher, businesses must comply with regulations to avoid huge fines. Compliance is a great way of ensuring that your organisation meets a baseline standard and helps to:

Develop a comprehensive risk profile

Compliance operates with risk assessments; which information can guide an organisation’s approach and control environment to manage and mitigate risks effectively.

Merge regulatory requirements into business operations

The somewhat nuanced regulations addressing cyber security is growing. The compliance functionality can implement policies, procedures and controls that meet these requirements.

Provides an integrated approach to people and processes

Compliance collates data to provide insights into employee engagement through the monitoring and audit processes needed to manage risks. For cyber security to work effectively, people, processes and technology need to work harmoniously. The information collected by compliance can help to influence employee behaviour creating the necessary change to complement security efforts within IT.

But …

Be under no illusion that being Cyber Essentials or IASME Cyber Assurance compliant makes your organisation secure. It definitely helps and allows an organisation to adopt processes and technical controls to understand their cyber risks and provide mitigation, but the cyber landscape is constantly changing you must not rest on your laurels and see compliance as tick in the box, cyber security is never done.

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